About us.

Dotlic is a brand established by a Lithuanian company which focuses on buying and selling used software licenses.

  • Save up – our software is 30-50% cheaper than the one that you might buy from a manufacturer or an official representative.
  • Recover your expenses – we can buy the used software directly from you
  • Older software editions – if you still own older licenses that you operate and you are not ready to implement huge all-over IT infrastructure migrations, we can offer you software licenses dating back to 2007. Keep the IT integrity and save up.
  • Up-to-date software – usually we can provide the newest software licenses 4 to 6 months after they are officially released. We currently have software versions from 2007 to 2019.


Court of Justice of the European Union made a historical resolution dating back to 2012 which made a way for a new business concept – used software purchasing and selling.

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Second-hand market changes the life cycle of software and enables you to be more flexible.

Newest second hand software:

Microsoft Office 2019 Standard


Microsoft Office 2019 Pro Plus


Microsoft SQL Std 2017 2-core


Remote Desktop Services 2019


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