Dotlic is a brand established in 2017 by a Lithuanian company named UAB IT paslaugų centras which focuses on buying and selling second-hand software licences (Microsoft, Adobe, etc.).

By buying the software from the companies, we help them to free up unused capital and recover part of the costs used to purchase the same or newer software. The acquired software is put into the second hand market which can be used again, under much better conditions.

Our company is young but employees have years of experience in the IT field: market knowledge, experience with business management systems, their integration with Microsoft products. We do not only advise on what software version to use, but also how to save up.

Before buying the software, we always make sure that it has been legally acquired from the manufacturer, meets all the requirements and is perpetual. The takeover of the software from the supplier takes place under a rigorous procedure and is only transferred to the new owner when there are no risks left. Also, in the event of a transaction, we ensure complete confidentiality and with the right and appropriate documentation we guarantee that the same software will not be used by third parties either now or in the future.

A few years ago we started our business with both the public sector and the private companies, who used our services both to sell the software and to save by buying it.

The most popular software in 2018:

  1. Microsoft Office 2016 Standard
  2. Microsoft Office 2013 Professional Plus
  3. Microsoft Windows Server 2016 core
  4. Microsoft SQL 2016 Standard core
  5. Microsoft Windows Server Remote Desktop Services 2016 (RDS)
  6. Microsoft Windows Server 2016 User CAL
  7. Microsoft Windows Server 2012 R2

Second-hand software is software that was first sold in the EEA by the copyright holder and subsequently re-marketed for secondary use.

Companies sell their software for a variety of reasons – restructuring, cloud migration, renewal, bankruptcy and so on.

There are several reasons. The first one is that you save a significant amount of money; the second one is that you can purchase both the latest and the older versions of the software.

Second-hand software market has been legal since 2012, regulated by ECJ (European Court of Justice).

The price depends on the software’s novelty, relevance and quantity. Standard (up-to-date) software is 20-30% cheaper than the one that you can buy from official software vendors, while older software costs 40-70% cheaper.


For the end-users, we suggest saving when buying or recovering part of the money already invested in software. For the IT maintenance companies, we can provide their customers particularly favorable software prices.


Our prices are always better than the ones that official manufacturers suggest


Newest software – up to 30% cheaper.



Recover part of your expenses when selling the software that you do not use


We will refund part of the money that you have spent to buy currently unused software.



Suggest your clients extremely good prices for the software licences


We offer special pricing to our partners. Satisfied customers lead to success.