Second-hand software.

Every company has a right to acquire second-hand software or sell it. Contact us and we will evaluate the price of your unused licences or we will bring the best solution on the table for you to get a new one.


Currently we can offer (updated 08.03)

Microsoft Office 2019 Standard
Microsoft Office 2019 Pro Plus
Microsoft Office 2016 Standard
Microsoft Office 2016 Pro Plus
Microsoft Office 2016 H&B*
Microsoft Office 2013 Standard
Microsoft Office 2013 Pro Plus
Microsoft Office 2013 H&B*
Microsoft Office 2010 Standard
Microsoft Office 2010 Pro Plus
Microsoft Office 2007 Standard
Microsoft Office 2007 Pro Plus

Microsoft Visio 2016 Standard
Microsoft Visio 2013 Standard

Microsoft Project 2013 Standard

Microsoft Windows Server 2019 (Standard & Datacenter)
Microsoft Windows Server 2016 (Standard & Datacenter)
Microsoft Windows Server 2012 R2 (Standard)
Microsoft Windows Server 2008 R2 (Standard)
Microsoft SQL 2017 (Standard & Standard Core)
Microsoft SQL 2016 (Standard, Standard Core & Enterprise)
Microsoft SQL 2014 (Standard & Standard Core)
Microsoft SQL 2012 (Standard, Standard Core & Enterprise)
Microsoft SQL 2008 (Standard & Standard CPU)
Microsoft Sharepoint Server 2016
Microsoft Sharepoint Server 2013
Remote Desktop Services 2019 (User)
Remote Desktop Services 2016 (User)
Remote Desktop Services 2012 (User & Device)
Remote Desktop Services 2008 (User & Device)
Microsoft Exchange Server 2016 (Standard)
Microsoft Exchange Server 2013 (Standard)

Microsoft Exchange Server 2019 CAL (User, Standard)
Microsoft Exchange Server 2016 CAL (User, Standard)
Microsoft Windows Server 2019 CAL (User)
Microsoft Windows Server 2016 CAL (User & Device)
Microsoft Windows Server 2012 CAL (User & Device)
Microsoft Windows Server 2008 CAL (User)
Microsoft SQL 2016 CAL (User & Device)
Microsoft SQL 2012 CAL (User)
Microsoft SQL 2008 CAL (User & Device)
Microsoft Sharepoint Server 2016 CAL (User)
Microsoft Sharepoint Server 2013 CAL (User & Device)

Microsoft Windows 10 Ent. LTSB 2016 (with Underlaying Professional licence)
Microsoft Windows 10 Ent. LTSC 2019 Upgrade
Microsoft Windows 10 Professional Upgrade